Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Google Basic or GB

Anyone reading my previous post about Google developing a cross platform application development language will appreciate this additional thought:

Google should develop Google Basic or GB for application development. It should be platform independent and have a rich IDE including easy to easy GUI development. The ease of use of VB.net should be considered.

Although many developers discount VB as a "true" programming language, it is arguably the easiest to learn, fastest to develop and would be the most popular "general purpose" language for Google Basic.

Currently Linux is a very popular o/s but novice devlopers struggle to find an easy way to fully utilize the system because of the lack of an easy development platform.

In typical Google fashion, the GB development could even take place on-line with the compiled version downloaded to the client PC.

The best scenario would include Google developing a new virtual machine like java that would be open source. In fact GB could simply be a front end for java with the easier language and development of Basic.

There was even an attempt at this by SUN called Project Semplice but it was short lived


damvcoool said...

have you seen gambas??


Try it. it works very good. and sometimes people call it GB for short.

so google could benefit from projects like these :D

KB said...

Gambas is still not cross platform. Yes, it helps Linux but to be a universal application (unlike Visual Studio) it needs to run everywhere like java.

The best solution is a VB type development suite that would compile to the java runtime like Visual Studio compiles to the .net runtime.

It needs to have the universality of java with the general purpose power and ease of use as VB.