Saturday, August 30, 2008

Computer + Home =Amazing Home Automation (Smart Home)

Ever wish your home appliances had some intelligence? Like maybe the lights could come on as you pull in the driveway; or maybe the temperature could be adjusted to just the way you like it as you leave the office. Maybe you wish you could automatically open blinds or curtains during the day and close them at night. Or even yet, ever wish to know what is going on around the house while you are gone?

All this and more are possible with home automation. This technology (also called Smart Home or domotics) is the convergence of various technologies to allow this to take place. You can now pull up your hose from your iPHone, look at surveillance videos, change temperatures, turn on lights, or have these settings done automatically based on the time of day.

Building automation isn't new, so the technology is tried and perfected. Only recently has some of this commercial quality automation technology been applied to the home. There are a lot of quality home automation vendors and home automation products available to help with this. The technology is amazing, affordable and very cool all at the same time. Now your homes is at your command!

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