Friday, August 29, 2008

Speed up slow PC Computer

Is your PC getting slower and sloooooowwwer? Here are some tips to speed it back up.

1. Computers don't get slower, they just get more loaded. Modern computers are inherently very fast. What you are seeing whey the computer gets slower isn't the computer, it's what's on the hard drive. They get loaded with extra drivers, software, fragmented (for windows machines), unneeded processes running the the background.

2. Try degragmenting on a windows machine.

3. Remove unneeded running processes (automatic printer or webcam ubdates).

4. Remove old drivers from unused digital cameras, scanners, etc.

5. Clear internet cache.

6. Try software especially written to speed up slow computers.

7. Add more memory.

Utilizing these tips in this order will help find the least expensive solution to your slow PC.

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